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All Wound Up

The Original "Please do touch" Live Journal

1 March
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Twenty-something from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Will have two degrees (English and Philosophy) in May 2005 from IPFW. News editor of IPFW's student paper, The Communicator. Editor of Progress Indiana, a GLBT quarterly newsmagazine serving Fort Wayne.

Labels? Gay, pisces, agnostic... but gay is too often synonymous with unstable, I think astrology is B.S., and I've met many an agnostic who doesn't like mainstream religion, but "feels" spiritual--me?... I "feel" nothing but a bit of gas. I'm not unique, either, really, but I'm cool with it. Few people are truly unique.

In Halo 2 I play as "Little Rikky." That label I like, though my brother took "snatchninja" from me. I guess he's more ninja of the snatch than me. I don't know, though, give me draft beer and I could ninja the snatch.

This profile is getting pretty terrible. Later.