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From now on... [Apr. 25th, 2006|02:15 pm]
Obviously, I don't take well to the blog thing. So, if anyone still checks this from time to time, bookmark www.deadliving.com. That'll be where I put up stuff from now on. It's not a blog, but it'll be more of a fiction / essays / whatever site. Artwork, maybe even a comic, too, if I ever get the time (I'm getting back into drawing, photography, all that gay stuff!).

Anyway, right now it's just one page, and in need of a serious design. I used freeway express for it, and while that allowed me to place things where I wanted, it did something stoopid to the text and I only have it for 30 more days anyway. I need to re-learn how to use a web-authoring program, but I can't find one that I get along with. I have dreamweaver, but my copy is screwed up or something, and NVU works just as well for that, and is free (open-source). But they both seem overly complicated, and I hate dealing with tables. There is no frontpage for mac.

I really liked something called fusion (for PC), I think, not cold fusion, but it was something like that--anyway, it had a grid to place shit wherever you wanted, but it was closer to a dreamweaver or NVU than this freeway program, which is completely a layout / design program (you can't edit HTML at all). I don't know, maybe I just need a good tutorial. I tried using CSS templates, but I always want to mod them so much that I might as well build a site from scratch.

Right, though, the new site is www.deadliving.com

Also, I'll have a personal site, more of a resume thing, www.dchunter.com , up soon.

Both are hosted through www.nearlyfreespeech.net. I think it's the cheapest option for websites that won't get a lot of traffic.