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Yeah, so, I'm moving home here soon. [Mar. 29th, 2005|03:47 am]
[Current Mood |worriedworried]
[Listening to |Rez - Underworld]

Is this not what I wanted to avoid? So, then, why'd I get a degree in English... oh, and that other one, even more useless, philosophy.

Stat I read today from '95: Only 16% of full-time freelance writers make more than $30,000 a year.

Why didn't I become a business major?

Have to finish a mail-away class through IU, can't get my degrees till then. Can't finish this class till summer cause I'm way too busy.

Progress, my glbt publication baby, soon to be birthed. Good people have given good dedication and, if I may say, we're gonna blow the feeble competition away. Not that there's any money in it anyway, but still, we're gonna show some lazy fuckers (or incompetent, perhaps) how a local gay zine should look.

Grammatically correct is one way we'll differ. Yeah, so, I'm not up against a lot.

Going to ICPA awards this weekend (for stu papers), that should be interesting. Sharing a hotel room with the male arts editor. Yet I'M the gay one. Maybe he'll come on through to the other side.

Nah, he's not my type anyway, too skinny. Skinny guys I break.

Friend expressed concern over a breakout of HIV here in the Fort. I told him to go get tested, but he says he's too scared too. He'd rather not know.

How can you explain to someone the idiocy of that argument? How can you convey the unethical context of him sleeping with other guys, sometimes without protection, and not knowing?

Sometimes it isn't so bad to be a virgin, sometimes it's not so bad to be caught up in all that stupid sex stuff. Just creates issues. HOWEVER, if one more sexual deviant (okay, not deviant, but just active) person tells me "Oh, yeah, man, it's a good thing that you're a virgin, you should wait for that one person, I wish I had. Hey--can I use your computer to get on gay.com?" I'll belch and blow it in their face.

For those uninitiated, gay.com is code for "Can I go looking for sex?"

And yes, I understand the correlation between public belching and lack of sex. I just hate gas more than I like potential penis (not like that comes around often anyway). I'm polite when I'm not just around friends...

Yeah, BTW, I'm still a back-up plan for most people (excepting a few). Also, still a proximity-drop, a friendship casualty by acquaintance. Can't tell which one pisses me off more. Need to start a singles group... but then they'd just start hooking up with each other and problem begins again. Need to join a convent.

And yet again I've degenerated into bitching on my live-journal. Oh well, it's what most of my friends pages have been on here lately, anyway.

Planning a trip for summer. Brother might come. Ohio might be destination. Old friends might be high points. Sentence fragments are fun!